Jeffrey Benjamin founded Breakthrough Training 30 years ago. He has a proven corporate training record. Breakthrough Training provides employee development programs for corporations. Above all, we deliver relevant real-world content by putting each participant through group discussions and hands-on exercises to practice the information shared for maximum results. Therefore, increasing proficiency, employee morale, and most of all, your bottom line! Our most popular programs include: Team Building Training, Effective Communication Skills Training, Customer Service Training, Leadership Training & Development for Managers, Supervisors, and Key Employees.

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What is Leadership Training?

Engage your team to reach the highest levels of success with our innovative, on-target leadership training. We combine best-in-class training methods with real-world scenarios to focus your individuals and teams on what matters most – maximizing productivity and results. For instance, as a leader, an employee, or both, you play a pivotal role in the success of your organization. We are proud to offer the most dynamic leadership training and management development programs in the industry. Jeffery has decades of experience developing leaders who can contribute to their company’s bottom line results and help improve employee morale.


Improve productivity

Our programs will help improve the quality of your employees’ work and create a more cohesive workplace. Through one-on-one conversations with your management team, team-building exercises, and other hands-on activities, we’ll help you identify issues before they become major problems. In addition, we’ll also discuss ways to encourage teamwork and boost productivity throughout your organization.

Our leadership training doesn’t stop there. Do you need to be a better communicator or public speaker? Or maybe you’re not great at setting realistic goals? We’ve got you covered. Create your own success with Breakthrough Training™.

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