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AGC Nevada Chapter Leadership Series

AGC Leadership Series

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Program Overview

Leadership for Construction Industry Professionals

The series is designed to be an educational leadership training experience that rewards your company, your employees, and the construction industry. Participants will develop strong leadership skills and techniques, better understand the roles Associate General Contractors plays in the construction industry, and how AGC services benefit their companies.

AGC Nevada Chapter Leadership Series Particpant Reviews
Reno Team Building with Associated General Contractors Nevada Chapter facilitated by Breakthrough Training
Program Description
  • Module 1: Introduction to leadership
  • Module 2: Leadership & personal development
  • Module 3: Education Systems
  • Module 4: Master Your Communication
  • Module 5: The Unlimited Power of Teamwork
  • Module 6: Productive Media Interaction
  • Module 7: Government Affairs and Interaction
  • Module 8: Leadership Report Luncheon
  • Module 9: Graduation ceremony luncheon
Materials Included
AGC Leadership Series Journal Cover
Goal Cards
Breakthrough Pen
Program Availability

Enrollment Eligibility

Open to rising professionals who are employed and nominated by an AGC member firm or the owner/principal of a member firm.

When does the program start?

The series begins November 8, 2017, and continues through February 2016. Graduation is planned for February at the Annual Nevada AGC President’s Lunch. Typically, classes will begin at 3:00 p.m. Scheduling is planned to minimize the impact on employers,allowing for approximately 50% of class time from employers and 50% from employees.

Program Cost:

For a limited time only, AGC will be offering at the reduced price of $650 per participant, which covers all program costs.


Applications are due to AGC by Friday, November 1, 2017. Information: Call 775-329-6116 or email: [email protected]
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Video Gallery
AGC Reno Leadership Program Reviews Breakthrough Training
AGC Reno Leadership Program Reviews Breakthrough Training with Jeffrey Benjamin

You can also watch our videos on If your company blocks videos from your computer, check out our videos on your smartphone, tablet, or home computer.

What Participants Say
Breakthrough teaches you how to communicate well with others in a way of understanding communication styles that you are talking to, not just you own. I gained a lot of knowledge through that with practice and repetition.
Jerry Hogan
Project Manager / Clark & Sullivan Construction
Jeffrey distinguishes himself with the ability to energize a group of people. Jeffrey's leadership training programs are an asset to any organization or group. He is attentive to detail and has a remarkable way of creating fun at the same.
Buzz Harris
President / WBH Enterprises
Great experience for me. It has taught me quite a few things that I use in my life and at work. It has taught me things on goals and how to achieve them.
Kevin Linderman
Project Manager / Q & D Construction
I've learned a lot of valuable tools that I have been able to apply personally and professionally. One of the greatest ones I have been using is the communication styles to communicate more effectively with coworkers.
Genna Tonneslan
Manager / Quick Space
I had to listen to everyone not only what I wanted to hear. It taught me how to give specific instructions. It made me think on how to improve myself.
Jesse Baldwin
Office Manager / Building Solutions
This training has taught me how to effectively build, be a part of, and contribute in a team environment, It has also taught me the importance of having effective and well thought out communication.
TJ Nevin
Building Estimator / Q & D Construction
Once I got immersed in the course I figured out it wasn’t about myself, it was about the team and the people around me.
Jason Fritz
Project Manager / Granite Construction
I expected this class to be a typical leadership class where you are preached to. What this class does is teach you about leadership and how you can apply it in a business or personal setting.
Matt Wagner
Utility Technician / NV Energy
As a business owner I have to deal with every personality type that comes through the door. This program has taught me to learn how to understand and deal with them. The most beneficial thing from the course is understanding the things I forgot about and don't do.
Bill Pelter
Owner / Reno Iron Works
The leadership program has taught me valuable skills in communication and how to be a better leader with my co-workers and my family.
Luke Frey
Manager / PAR Electrical
What we learned is that everyone plays a vital role. And as a leader, if we can draw on the strengths of others, we can create excellence.
Staci Nauman
Director of Corporate Support / KNPB Channel 5
By participating in activities we were able to develop a tool list that every leader requires to make their job successful. Thank you!
Andrew Siderius
Manager / Western Nevada Supply
The hands on training and group discussion taught me how to better communicate in my work environment and in my personal life. The course would help anyone communicate with the people around them.
Andreas Barajas
Project Manager / High Caliber Glass
The leadership course is excellent for anybody. You will learn great leadership skills such as team building, goal setting, and how to communicate with others. I plan on continuing to use these in my job and future endeavors.
Mike Ebbert
Project Manager / Sierra Nevada Construction
The key to leadership is effective practice and skills in communication. If you are able to identify other communication styles, you can adapt your communication to be more effective.
Brant Powers
Manager / Sierra Nevada Construction
I have learned to communicate with other people. I have also learned to be a better listener when spoken to.
Nicholas Pelis
Team Leader / Wedco
What I learned in this class was goal setting, teamwork, leadership and communication skills. I learned to lead by example.
Scott Wagner
Service Manager / Gardner Engineering
This program has given me insight on how to communicate with my fellow employees. We have worked together for so long we needed some new input on how to better relate to each other.
Erin Young
Office Manager / Basalite
I started implementing what I learned at Breakthrough at work. One of the first things I have done is started communicating better with co-workers and immediately our relationships are getter better and jobs are coming through faster, and everything is going smoother.
Jared Rotoli
LA Perks Plumbing / Project Manager
I learned in this class that to become a better leader you have to plan your tasks and set goals, and you need to get everyone on the same team.
Marc Leone
Project Manager / Diversified Concrete
I never really new about skills for building your team and effective communications. This class has done an excellent job while doing it in a fun environment, not only sitting in a class, but getting you involved.
Aaron Hale
Project Manager / C.C. Meyers
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