9 breakthrough training courses

9 Breakthrough Training Courses

Here are 9 life-changing breakthrough training courses in Reno, Nevada, and the surrounding areas that offer real-life solutions to your biggest obstacles to maximize productivity and get results! The word breakthrough is defined as a sudden increase in knowledge and understanding. A breakthrough is an important discovery after trying to understand or explain something for a long time. In a nutshell, breakthrough training is a step-by-step solution for subscribers to find the answers to many of the challenging aspects of conducting business and leadership.

Did you know that 40 percent of new businesses will fail within the first year of operation? However, with the right education and training, you can set your new business up with a better chance of success. Jeffrey Benjamin founded Breakthrough Training™ 29 years ago. He has a proven corporate training record. Breakthrough Training™ provides employee development programs for corporations. Above all, we deliver relevant real-world content by putting each participant through group discussions and hands-on exercises to practice the information shared for maximum results. Therefore, increasing proficiency, employee morale, and, most of all, your bottom line! Our most popular programs include team-building training, sales training course, effective communication skills training, customer Service Training, public speaking, goal setting, business planning, time management & leadership development programs.

Here are 9 Life-Changing Breakthrough Training Courses:

1. Team Building Course

Do you need help cultivating a high-performance team? This tested and effective course boasts 29 years of successful results. You can expect a unification of team members to reach common goals. This course encourages teamwork by identifying and calculating each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and improves company culture and employee morale.

2. Sales Training Course

Arm your sales team with practical ideas and solutions for creating and maintaining an increase in sales. During this breakthrough learning module, your teams will be encouraged to create a thirty-second commercial to describe products and services. This will increase the initiatives of their sales pitch and reinforce their confidence in closing a sale. The central purpose of this program is to encourage positive relationships with prospects and customers to drive sales.

3. Effective Communication Skills Training Course

Communication is an essential life skill, yet many people struggle to speak effectively and, more importantly, listen. This module will break down negotiation skills and conflict resolution tactics by reinforcing the importance of relating to other people’s communication styles. You will practice vital strategies and propel participants along the path to career success and personal development. This course is beneficial for both career and personal interactions.

4. Customer Service Training Program

The key to customer success is exceptional customer service begins with a calculated service strategy. This program encourages performance improvement, positive attitude, equality, and personal ownership of customer service interactions. You will learn the 6 customer service skills that most companies neglect. Learn rebound and problem-solving strategies to recover from dissatisfied and difficult situations and customers.

5. Public Speaking Course

Say goodbye to boring public speaking and PowerPoint presentations. These training courses in Reno, Nevada, are engaging and action-driven. Teaching habits that will help you create a connection between yourself and your audience to produce results that yield gains and drive interaction. You will learn 21 proven techniques that reduce apprehension, fear, stress, and anxiety when you are on stage.

6. Goal Setting Course

Develop a system for self-motivation. Integrate 5 areas of life to achieve a state of balance. Learn Proven time management techniques that will help you maximize your time and improve your work-life balance. Breakthrough Training can help you develop a personal action plan to achieve your goals.

7. Strategic Business Planning Course

This business coaching program focuses on the priority of business planning to ensure that goals are met, and a roadmap to success is clearly defined. More than 40 percent of businesses fail without goals and strategy in the first year. Learn how to maneuver your business to the most advantageous position.

8. Time Management Training Program

This time-management methodology will guide you through the 7 steps in overcoming procrastination, define time-wasting activities, and set you up for using your time effectively. Taking a hard look at how much effort is wasted by not implementing a strategy to accomplish your goals will guide you to improve your efficiency both personally and professionally.

9. Leadership Development Series

Do you know what your dominant leadership style is? This leadership program which is focused on managers and supervisors will help you gain an understanding of who you are and what your greatest natural strengths are. Focusing on leadership development will help you appreciate the diversity of others and equip you with the necessary tools to grow each and every personality type you encounter. Whether you are looking for personal leadership training or training for executive teams, this series has the strategy to get you into the driver’s seat and start leading with confidence.

Now you have the 9 essential Breakthrough Training courses offered in Reno, NV, and the surrounding areas; book your courses today!

Best of success to you!

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