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Effective Communication Skills Training Program

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Program Overview

Master Effective Communication

This dynamic Communication Program provides participants with the essential tools to communicate effectively with other people. The program focus is on practicing positive personal and business communication skills and habits that propel participants along the path to career success and personal achievement.

Module Expectations:
  • Practice vital listening strategies that dramatically improve communication.
  • Improve your interpersonal communication skills to establish immediate rapport.
  • Negotiate successfully with other people to get what you want.
  • Communicate skillfully and confidently with other people.
  • Understand and relate to different communication styles.
  • Create mutual understanding in a clear and organized manner.
  • Build trust and establish cooperation with others.
Materials Included
Breakthrough Pen
Program Availability
This program is open to private groups with 10 participants or more for a half-day, full-day, or multiple days. For individuals, or groups with 9 or less participants, check out our Public Workshops or Leadership Programs open to the public.
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Reno Leadership Training with Wells Fargo Managers and Supervisors facilitated by Breakthrough Training
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You can also watch our videos on If your company blocks videos from your computer, check out our videos on your smartphone, tablet, or home computer.

What Participants Say
This program has given me insight on how to communicate with my fellow employees. We have worked together for so long we needed some new input on how to better relate to each other.
Erin Young
Office Manager / Basalite
Breakthrough teaches you how to communicate well with others in a way of understanding communication styles that you are talking to, not just you own. I gained a lot of knowledge through that with practice and repetition.
Jerry Hogan
Project Manager / Clark & Sullivan Construction
I have known and worked with Jeffrey and Breakthrough Training for many years. I have experienced the benefits that his programs can provide and I can recommend them to anyone who is looking to advance their career or move to the next level of development both personally and in business.
Phillip Klink
Broker Associate / Chase International
The interaction with like minded professionals from multiple industries allowed me to expand my communication skills, listening and interpersonal communication skills. Jeffrey is a great instructor, and I would highly recommend his Breakthrough Training.
Kathy Codman
Director of Support Services, / Northern Nevada Medical Center
This is the best program I have ever attended. The important thing I took from the program is the communication styles and public speaking. By knowing the different styles it allows me to connect better with my audience.
Breeze Yerves
Sales Manager / Grand Sierra Resort
The skills I learned aided in strengthening my department from the inside out, enhanced my overall communication and directly resulted in increased performance from my team.
DeAndrea Ceccarelli
Manager / Community Services Agence
The hands on training and group discussion taught me how to better communicate in my work environment and in my personal life. The course would help anyone communicate with the people around them.
Andreas Barajas
Project Manager / High Caliber Glass
I can honestly say it is by far the best leadership program I have ever been through. The two things I am getting out of these modules is how important communication is and teamwork. Jeffrey has a very unique way of teaching. It has helped me so much already in my personal as well as my professional life.
Grace Moore
VIP Services / Eldorado Hotel Casino
Jeffrey is a master motivator and trainer. I have had Jeffrey work with my team on several occasions in developing methods to communicate and work together in a practical fashion that translated to a better work environment and more productivity for the company.
Mitch Laughton
President / The Laughton Company
This training was awesome and very interactive! I love that it was not just sit down and listen the whole time. Each module was different and helped different personalities learn to work as a team. It was fun, interesting and very beneficial for not only your work life but your personal life. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Savannah Maienschein
Manager / UNR, Animal Research
Jeffrey has great energy and facilitates the learning process so that every member learns something of themselves to communicate more effectively. This is one of the best classes I have ever participated in and would recommend everyone take this communication training program.
Tina Machado
Program Specialist / ProNet
Breakthrough Training is amazing! Communications is the key to all of our success. Being able to understand personalities and management styles helps you to better interact with others to achieve goals.
Dennis Cobon
Estimator / Delta Fire
I have worked with Jeff and Breakthrough Training for over 15 years. The training he provides is spot on! Whether its team building, individual training, difficult situations/conversations to conflict resolution, Jeff does it all and knows his topic.
Membership Director / Elizondo
Once again, Jeff delivered an energetic and dynamic training session to our management team! Several employees noted that this was the best training they had ever received. We intend to partner on a consistent basis with Breakthrough Training for our diverse training needs throughout our unit.
Cindy Saunders
HR Business Partner / Chromalloy
The key to leadership is effective practice and skills in communication. If you are able to identify other communication styles, you can adapt your communication to be more effective.
Brant Powers
Manager / Sierra Nevada Construction
Jeffrey Benjamin facilitates the best teaching tool for learning, understanding and moving into everyday practice of communication skills that are the key to success. I have found the class fun, challenging and exciting. If you have a chance to engage Jeffrey, you would do yourself and your company well for it.
Cory Henderson
General Manager / Mann Mortgage
The biggest take away from the Breakthrough Training is the communication styles and the day-to-day interaction with my coworkers and team mates.
Heather Sudano
Tax Processor / Intuit
I’ve learned to speak to both my peers and to those that are above me with confidence.
Vanessa Lindeberg
Account Manager / M3 Planning
The communication styles has been a real eye opener in the way people relate to one another in your personal and professional life. I was a great experience for me.
Ashley Taylor
Financial Advisor / New Yok Life
The class was extremely positive and motivational. I have used the leadership skills from class in every aspect of my life and they have definately helped me be more successful in both my personal and professional relationships.
John Collins
Project Manager / Granite Construction
I have learned to communicate with other people. I have also learned to be a better listener when spoken to.
Nicholas Pelis
Team Leader / Wedco
As a business owner I have to deal with every personality type that comes through the door. This program has taught me to learn how to understand and deal with them. The most beneficial thing from the course is understanding the things I forgot about and don't do.
Bill Pelter
Owner / Reno Iron Works
Jeffery has a real talent at getting the best out of people. Any company that would like to see an improvement in their employees work, their attention to detail, their motivation and communication skills then Jeffery is the one to hire. I can highly recommend him to any business looking to improve.
Kelly Smith
President / The WebSmith Group
Jeff's Leadership Program through his Breakthrough Training was a great resource and a really fun time for me. The information I learned was not only relevant to my work but also something that I could work on during my workday. Jeff was an amazing teacher/leader and would really delve into the conversations you wanted on the topics of the lesson, allowing you to lead the discussion. I had a great time and felt that the program made a large impact.
Mikayla Kunce
HR Administrator / Hamilton Company
I had the opportunity to take Jeff's leadership class. It was wonderful! This class worked on team building and communication skills. I think this class would be particularly useful for anyone who is in a supervisory position or plans to be or in sales. It really helps to understand how to communicate with people you interact with in different situations. Jeff kept the class upbeat and was a wealth of knowledge. This was a real eye opener.
Clare Shine
Account Manager / LP Insurance
Our company has been working with Jeffrey Benjamin for 6 years. Breakthrough Training offers the tools we need to consistently improve our communication strategies with each other. Practicing these strategies causes a more productive business life and a more joyful personal life for our employees
Pam Peri
Vice President / Peri & Sons Farms
Jeff brings great energy combined with a wealth of knowledge to the table for his trainings. He provides simple steps to make your work so much more refined and professional. Even if you fancy yourself an expert at public speaking, Jeff gives you a fresh perspective and pinpoints areas where you can improve. Take your presentations from good to great
Gabrielle Totton
Director / Trauma Intervention Program
This class really helped you determine how to communicate and how to best approach a co-worker, an employee - anyone you are leading in life.
Seamus Murphy
Loan Consultant / Guild Mortgage
Jeffrey Benjamin and Breakthrough Training has been a unique experience in my personal and business life. If any one is looking for leadership, motivational, communication and success training, you got to talk to Jeff. I am thankful for what I get from Breakthrough Training.
Marvin S. Otzoy
Tax Preparer / Marvin S. Otzoy Professional Services
This is the third time our organization has brought Jeff in for training. Every experience is unique and our staff is entertained and engaged by his workshops. We learn valuable communication techniques that we can apply at work and in our personal lives as well. A+
Bonnie Bensen
CFO / Fortune Schools
I had to listen to everyone not only what I wanted to hear. It taught me how to give specific instructions. It made me think on how to improve myself.
Jesse Baldwin
Office Manager / Building Solutions
The interactive challenges were definitely an eye opener for communication and leadership styles. It really helped me realize and work on approaching each style the most effective way to achieve goals.
Ashlee Edgar
Warehouse Supervisor / Small Mine Development
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