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Goal Setting with Strategic HR Partners in Reno

Strategic HR Partners worked with Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough during a goal setting seminar in Reno. The SHRP team set goals in the areas of development, business, health, relationship and recreation. The goal setting training class follows a specific process of 8 steps to achieve goals. 1. Write a measurable goal, 2. Write list of

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Microsoft Licensing Team Building Activities

Microsoft Licensing engaged in a series of team-building activities in Reno with Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training. The focus was on ways to strengthen a high-performance team. The Microsoft team learned the 9 Steps in the Process of Achievement and its applicability to both professional endeavors and their personal life. Participants practiced improving cohesion and

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Reno Chamber Leadership program is facilitated by Jeffrey Benjamin

Reno Chamber Leadership Program, April 2014

The Reno Chamber of Commerce PACE Leadership is an annual program with a maximum of 24 participants that is led by Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training. The focus of the program is on developing personal leadership skills that enable participants to better lead effective teams through mastery of communication skills. The leadership series also allocates

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Business networking in Reno i sponsored by Breakthrough Training

Breakthrough Networking Event Reno Bighorns Luxury Suite

The Breakthrough Network held it’s monthly business networking mixer in Reno at the Luxury Suite Bighorns game. Business professionals attended to promote business exchange in the Reno area. Sponsors of the Brent Forbush, Forbush & Associates; Chris Greg, All Clean Carpet Cleaning; Lori Wright, National Residential; Mitch Laughton, The Laughton Company; Cindy Davis, Strategic HR

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Customer Service training program in Reno with QM Resorts

QM Resorts Engages in Customer Service Training

QM Resorts works with Breakthrough Training in Reno to provide customer service training for all departments in the company from accounting to maintenance to front desk to maid service. The program focused on delivering exception customer service to guests that vacation through and with QM Resorts. During the program a customer service plan was developed

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Desert Research Institute team building in Las Vegas

Team Building Training in Las Vegas with Desert Research Institute

Desert Research Insitute engaged in a team building program in Las Vegas with Breakthrough Training. The building and facilities department worked through several team-building activities to strengthen collaboration and improve communication. Employees experienced ways to build greater cohesion in the workplace. DRI has worked with Jeffrey Benjamin on several occasions to build effective leadership within

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Jeffrey Benjamin conducts leadership training in Reno for managers and supervisors

February 2014 Public Leadership Workshop

Breakthrough Training held a 2-day leadership training program in Reno, Nevada. Companies in Nevada sent various employees from supervisors and managers to human resource professionals, to key employees to the training program. Employees learned how to set personal and career goals, how to communicate with different personality styles, and how to promote positive communication in

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Nevada Associated General Contractors leadership program is facilitated by Breakthrough Training in Reno

Leadership Training Series with Nevada Associated General Contractors

Nevada Associated General Contractors graduated 24 participants from the Leadership Program facilitated by Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training during the annual Presidents Luncheon. The leadership series consisted of 32 hours of training. The guest speaker was Chip Madera who spoke about the importance of being a leader with your organization. Graduates of the AGC Leadership

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Public Speaking Skills in Reno with Breakthrough Training

Public Speaking Skills Training in Reno

Associated General Contractors members practice their public speaking skills in Reno as part of the AGC Leadership program that is facilitated by Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training. Participants incorporate The 7 Steps Speech Format into a 5 minute presentation with over 50 people in attendance.

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Communication Training in Nevada with Peri & Sons Farms

Peri & Sons Farms employees attended communication training with Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training in Nevada. Peri has worked with Breakthrough Training of Reno, Nevada since 2006 to provide workforce development training to all levels of the organization to improve teamwork and communication skills. Peri & Sons Farms is a world leader in onion cultivation.

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Goal Setting with Peri & Sons Farms

Peri & Sons Farms provides annual goal setting for employees as part of their workforce development program. Peri works extensively with Breakthrough Training to develop executive leadership and other departments in the organization through team building and communication skills. Peri believes in investing in the career success and personal development of their employees by encouraging

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