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USAC Leadership Training

University Studies Abroad Consortium Management Training

University Studies Abroad Consortium contracted Breakthrough Training™ to facilitate leadership training for directors and managers from USAC to improve processes, strengthen team building and leadership to further improve company culture. The 2 Day Breakthrough Leadership program focused on best practices to provide the essential traits and habits to strengthen personal leadership to best serve co-workers and

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Minerva Office Management Leadership Training for Managers

Minerva Office Management worked Breakthrough Training to facilitate leadership training for managers. The training was a one day seminar to enhance company culture and to strengthen team building and leadership skills. An emphasis on effective communication skills in the workplace were covered as well as communication exercises to solidify and practice the information presented. Specific

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leadership training for mining company

ALS Global Management Training Seminar

ALS Global USA Management Team engaged in a one day leadership program with Breakthrough Training™ to maximize leadership skills to achieve organizational goals. Managers and supervisors from all departments participated in the program to strengthen employee engagement and to facilitated effective communication between departments. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are practiced to learn how to best

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Leadership Seminar with Saint Mary's in Reno

Saint Mary’s Fitness Center Leadership Training

Saint Mary’s hired Breakthrough Training to facilitate leadership training for managers and supervisors. The training was kicked off as a half-day training leading into a series of follow up programs to enhance company culture and to strengthen team building and leadership skills. An emphasis on effective communication skills in the workplace were discussed in depth

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ERG Aerospace Communication Skills Training

ERG Aerospace hired Breakthrough Training to facilitate effective communication in the workplace training for a full day with 25 employees. A focus on team communication skills was emphasized through various team building activities. Participants also learned about the 4 communication styles and how to best work with and relate to people who share different communication

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2 Day Breakthrough Training Reno

The 2 Day Breakthrough Leadership skills training in Reno led by Jeffrey Benjamin focused on how to be a better leader in the workplace applying effective communication and team building skills. How to communicate effectively with people who have different communication styles. In-depth discussion on how to connect with other people to achieve common goals, and how

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executive leadership with jeffrey benjamin

Argonaut Gold Leadership for Executives

Argonaut Gold hired Jeffrey Benjamin to facilitate a training on effective communication. Best practices of communicating to achieve organizational goals and objectives were discusses and a definitive action plan was outlined to be implemented. Argonaut Gold development and production activities. Its primary assets are the production stage El Castillo mine and San Agustin mine, which together

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Nevada Department of Transportation Team Event

Nevada Department of Transportation worked with Breakthrough Training™ of Breakthrough Training to provide a keynote presentation on Ways to Strengthen a Team.  NDOT held its Annual Conference with employees from all departments in the organization to share updates on past, current and future projects. Jeffrey Benjamin shared a team building activity that united employees to

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Sacramento Customer Service Training Retinal Consultants

Dr. Margaret Chang of Retinal Consultants reached out to Jeffrey Benjamin to facilitate customer service training in Sacramento. The program focused on practicing the 6 Breakthrough Customer Service Imperatives. Employees worked as a team to collaborate how to best implement a customer service plan for their Ophthalmology medical practice. Ways to promote a positive experience with patients is the

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Strategic Planning Seminar with Reno Housing Authority

Reno Housing Authority Strategic Planning

Reno Housing Authority contracted Breakthrough Training™ to provide Strategic Planning for key managers and the board of directors to continue to establish affordable housing for Reno residents. During the Strategic Planning process a review of current housing projects was assessed. In addition, priorities were considered and strategies were established for key targets to improving housing to

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McEwen Mining Leadership for Managers

McEwen Mining hired invited Breakthrough Training™ to provide leadership training for managers to improve processes, strengthen team building and leadership skills. Jeffrey Benjamin led the McEwen team through an extensive 2 Day Leadership program that shared different leadership styles as well as communication styles. Breakthrough Leadership Series program focuses on best practices to provide the

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Rancho La Puerta San Diego Goal Setting

Rancho La Puerta in San Diego engaged in a goal setting training seminar with Jeffrey. 10 participants joined together to write specific goals for their personal life and professional career. Breakthrough goal setting focuses on the 5 areas of goal setting: Development Goals, Business Goals, Health Goals, Relationship Goals and Recreation Goals. During the program goals are

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