Weigand Youth Center Team Building Seminar

Employee Team Building Reno

Breakthrough Training worked with Weigand Youth Center to provide employee team building in Reno, for employees. In essence, the program offered team building to foster effective communication with staff, kids, and parents. Namely, the focus of this training is creating teamwork. Employees were encouraged to practice effective communication skills for employees to achieve goals. The training was conducted at the Boys & Girls Club located at 1270 Foster Drive, Reno, Nevada.

Build Your Team through Employee Team Building in Reno


Our entire existence depends on teams. Therefore, significant success is achieved through engaging in hands-on training courses. In life, you’re already on multiple teams. When you operate on a team with your spouse or partner, your family, and friends, you are on a team. Engaging with vendors, clients, and customers require leadership skills and goo habits. You are on a team when you engage in sports and when you go to work every day. Therefore, our entire existence depends on teams

Learning the value of partnership and a sense of inclusivity in the workplace brings more value than you may realize.  Just as taking the time to master the clear-cut strategies of team-building to experience a quantum leap in your personal and professional endeavors.

Meet the facilitator Jeff Benjamin of Breakthrough Training

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