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Casino Leadership Training with Circus Circus

Circus Circus Casino Leadership Training courses are built for inspiring employees and developing stronger leadership development skills. The esteemed leaders at Circus Circus worked with Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training to improve employee morale, and consequently improve their bottom line. During the training, participants were challenged to examine how to improve teamwork, how to communicate more effectively, and how to strengthen their personal leadership skills. Jeffrey Benjamin shared his proven process of achievement in conjunction with an interactive team-building activity. Breakthrough Training was founded in Reno over 20 years to provide interactive employee development programs. Jeffrey Benjamin understands the need for casino leadership training, furthermore, he has the experience to captivate your team and encourage establishing teamwork and company culture growth.

What can you expect in Casino Leadership Training?

Breakthrough Training provides vision, and purpose clearly aligning your team with goals to strive toward and achieve. Decidedly committing to practicing the art of constant self-improvement to avoid the pitfall of deteriorating morale is a key component of leadership.  Jeffrey will lay out a strategy for sharing your good habits and ideas with those around you; enthusiasm is contagious and will cultivate an environment of trust and respect. You will become a comfort zone for those around you. Share the energy of successful leadership freely. It is a proven fact that alone you are one person and that your entire team’s collaboration is your company’s true strength. Alongside team building, you will perform ways to hold people accountable & take responsibility and create an action plan to effectively manage people and establish followership.

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