Communications Training in Sacramento

Communication Training in Sacramento with Fortune Charter Schools

Breakthrough worked with Sacramento charter school Fortune Education to provide serving customer service training through effective communication skills. Communication and team-building activities were used to reinforce content shared during the interactive training program. The customer service plan that was created in a previous training seminar with Breakthrough was reviewed and discussed among existing employees and new hires. The process for handling tough conversations with customers was also presented and role-playing was conducted to practice how to build strong relationships with customers.

The expectation is that 100% of Fortune School in Sacramento will attend and graduate from a four-year university. Students enter their kindergarten class through a door marked with the year they will graduate, not from high school, but rather from a four-year university.

Other Fortune Schools that participated in the Breakthrough Training™ program are:

Hardy Brown College Prep in San Bernadino

William Lee College Prep in Sacramento

Alan Rowe College Prep in Elk Grove

Ephraim Williams College Prep in Sacramento

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