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United Construction Communication Skills

United Construction worked with Jeffrey Benjamin to facilitate a series of effective communication skills training with construction Superintendents to complete multi-millions dollar projects. A focus on team communication skills in the workplace for effective project management. Participants also learned about the 4 communication styles of Director, Socializer, Thinker and Relator and how to best work with and relate to people who share different communication preferences. Best practices for giving and receiving feedback to co-workers was discussed, as well as how to praise and celebrate both individual and team achievements. A greater understanding of body language, tone and verbal communication cues were examined, and best practices to ensure your message is well received by an audience.

Meet the facilitator Jeff Benjamin of Breakthrough Training

Founded in 1978, United Construction has grown from a small industrial/commercial contractor in Reno, NV to a best-in-class construction company with a national reach.


At the very core of United Construction’s culture is a focus on collaboration to streamline pre-construction and construction processes to maximize value for our Customers. It is that core focus coupled with almost four decades of experience that has led to the development of The United Process which provides a consistently successful framework for the collaboration, programming, planning, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction stages of our projects. The success of The United Process is validated by the valuable relationships that we have earned with our Customers, Designers, Engineers, and Subcontractors through performance and service, with the end result being a high percentage of repeat business over the years.


Breakthrough Training offers leadership for managers and supervisors.

Breakthrough also provides a 2 Day Leadership course in Reno available to the general public that allows companies to send key staff members for employee development.

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Master Your Communication

You know that communication is vital for creating and maintaining effective relationships with family and friends.


In the business world, your job requires you to get along with others so you can exchange ideas with coworkers and customers to achieve goals.

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