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Goal Setting Seminar with CVirtual

Goal setting seminars with Breakthrough Training

Jeffrey recently facilitated a goal setting seminar for CVirtual. 15 employees participated in developing both personal and professional goals. Breakthrough goal setting focuses on the 5 areas of goal setting: Development Goals, Business Goals, Health Goals, Relationship Goals and Recreation Goals. Employees set measurable goals in each category. Participants then develop an action plan and ways to stay motivated for goal achievement following the proven 8 steps to achieve goals. Do you want to help your employees set goals? Schedule your goal setting seminar with Breakthrough Training.

CVirtual’s proprietary video interviewing platform allows even the busiest professionals to take your custom interview; increasing the quality and number of great candidates interested in your open positions. The use of the CVirtual platform enables you and your recruiting team to review and collaborate on each of the top candidates from anywhere at any time.

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