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AGC Leadership Training Series in Reno

AGC Leadership Training Series in Reno is facilitated by Breakthrough Training. Jeffrey Benjamin has been conducting the AGC program for the last 17 years in Reno. The program consists of 8 modules over the period of 3 months. The leadership program is geared toward contractors and construction professionals including project managers, superintendents, foreman, project engineers, supervisors and managers. Modules include: Introduction to Leadership, Leadership and Personal Development, Master Your Communication, The Unlimited Power of Teamwork, Education Systems, Improving Public Speaking Skills  and Government Affairs. 


Graduates of the 2023 Annual Spring Leadership Training Series are: Jason Perko, Foreman with Ames Construction;  Michael White, Project Manager with CommNV; Gonzalo Arellano, Project Engineer with Gilbane Building Company; Kelsey Freeman, IT Coordinator with Granite Construction; James McCain, Safety Manager with Granite Construction; Shane Tack, Plant Manager with Granite Construction; Deana Paulman, Foreman with Great Basin Water Supply; Jonathan Bertotti, Foreman with Intermountain Electric; William Cirenza, Project Manager with Intermountain Electric; Bryan Dzierzek, Journeyman with Intermountain Electric; Gage Francom, Project Engineer with Intermountain Electric; Devin Harill, Estimator with Plenium Builders; Patrick Van Epps, Assistant Project Manager with Plenium Builders; Cavan Van Geem, Assistant Project Manager with Plenium Builders; Courtney Carlson, Supervisor with Resource Development; Lyle Collins, BIM Manager with RHP Mechanical Systems; Jon Ward, Project Manager with RK Contractors. 



The AGC Leadership Training Series location is at Associated General Contractors at 5400 Mill Street in Reno, Nevada 89502.

Breakthrough Training offers leadership for managers and supervisors.

Meet the facilitator Jeff Benjamin of Breakthrough Training

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