Associated General Contractors Leadership Training Series

Jeffrey Benjamin facilitated the Associated General Contractors Annual Leadership Program. Breakthrough Training has been facilitating the program for the las 16 years in Reno, Nevada. The program consists of 8 modules over the course of 4 months. Modules include: Introduction to Leadership, Leadership and Personal Development, Master Your Communication, The Unlimited Power of Teamwork, Education Systems, Improving Public Speaking and Government Affairs. Graduates of the 2021 Annual Leadership Training Series are:  Jacob Lundberg of Intermountain Electric, Ali Zunio of Grantie Construction, Jorge Garcia of Moana Nursery, Austin Wiesner of Great Basin Water Supply, Jacob Smith of Byrcon, Michelle Surplice of Helix Electric, McKenzie Hammack of Core Construction, Kyle Tokunaga of Ames Construction, Matt Weber of Granite Construction, Hannah Hanson of Brycon, Michelle Cartnick of  Moana Nursery, Aubrene Blas of Q & D Construction, Mike Woods of Guidenby, Kelly Cervantez of Intermountain Electric, Jared Davidson of Q & D Construction, Alex Ruby of D & D Roofing, Julia Stueve of RHP Mechanical, Pepe Becerra-Barrera of Moana Nursery, Sterling Bronaugh of Wedco, Venus Raprager of Intermountain Electric, Kyler Cuddy of ACE High School and Kayin Steiner of ACE High School. 

The Training took place at Associated General Contractors at 5400 Mill Street in Reno, Nevada 89502.

Breakthrough Training offers leadership for managers and supervisors.

Meet the facilitator Jeff Benjamin of Breakthrough Training

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