Asphalt Concrete in Minneapolis, Minnesota worked with Breakthrough Training™ to provide leadership training for managers, supervisors and key employees. Over 75 employees from all departments engaged in intensive leadership training in order to enhance communication skills and improve team cohesion and strengthen leadership skills. Best practices and ways to build and strengthen a team through effective communication was a central focus. Participants learned the 4 Communication Styles and determined their primary style and the styles of co-workers and how to work with team members who have a different style of communicating. Jeffrey Benjamin shared team building activities and strategies that unite employees while improving ways to best interact with coworkers while appreciating each person’s contribution. Best practices on mentoring and coaching team members to improve was a significant part of the program. Group interaction and discussions defined practices to engage higher performance within a team environment. 

ACI is a full service asphalt and concrete installation and maintenance company, ACI has the staff and equipment to offer a complete line of services, including: asphalt patching and repair, seal coating, crack sealing, concrete maintenance catch basin adjustment and pavement marking, asphalt removal and replacement, resurfacing, catch basin installation and concrete repair and restoration.

Breakthrough Training offers leadership for managers and supervisors and key employees.

Meet the facilitator Jeff Benjamin of Breakthrough Training

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Build Your Team

Our entire existence depends on teams.

Significant success is achieved through teams. You are already on multiple teams. You operate on a team with your spouse or partner, your family and friends. You are on a team with vendors, clients and customers. You are on a team when you engage in sports and when you go to work everyday.

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