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Western Egyptian Head Start contracted with Breakthrough Training to provide one of his intensive 2 day leadership training programs for managers and site directors. Training was for the Illinois counties of Chester, Coulterville, Evansville, Percy, Pickneyville, Perry, and Sparta. Best practices of effective communication in the workplace are examined and practiced in-depth. How to improve interactions with coworkers, students, parents and the community they serve are examined. How to assess individual communication styles, and to best communicate with people who have a different style. Greater insight on how to improve non-verbal, tone and verbal communication was explored. 


Several team building activities are used to strengthen the bounds between managers and how to improve relationships. How to be a better manager and stronger leader to influence followers to achieve company goals is analyzed and practiced.


Leadership training programs focus on the best ways for leaders to achieve organizational objectives through employee workforce engagement. Communication with coworkers and customers will be substantially improved and participants will learn how to create and strengthen teams. Team members will put into practice tried-and-true methods for improving their own leadership abilities. And, how to get the best output possible from the people they manage.


Are you looking for a leadership training programs for your company? Meet the trainer Jeffrey Benjamin.


The Training took place at the Presbyterian Church located at 1750A State Street in Chester, Illinois 62233.

Head Start is an amazing opportunity and overall comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services and resources to low-income children and families. Jeffrey Benjamin has been a recipient of Head Start as a child and has been working with the organization offering training for over 15 years.

Breakthrough Training offers leadership for managers and supervisors.

Meet the facilitator Jeff Benjamin of Breakthrough Training.

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