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Leadership Training Graduation Ceremony AGC Reno

Jeffrey Benjamin speaks during the AGC Leadership Series Graduation Ceremony President’s Luncheon. Jeffrey announces the 25 graduates of the 2017 Leadership Training program. Breakthrough Training™ has been facilitating the program for 10 years for Nevada Associated General Contractors. The guest speaker during the program was Vincent Papale. The film Invincible starring Mark Walburg portrayed the story of Vincent’s unexpected rise as a 30 year old trying out and being accepted by the Philadelphia Eagles. Former NFL player Vincent Papale shared his playbook to be invincible.

Jeffrey Benjamin delivers over 150 presentations and training programs every year. Breakthrough Training was founded in Reno over 20 years ago with an emphasis on leadership and employee development training programs.

The Atlantis Casino Resort hosted the program in the Ballroom conference center in Reno.


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