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LUX Dynamics partners with Breakthrough Training to provide leadership for managers and supervisors in a manufacturing environment. Each training program includes employees managing different departments of office administration, floor managers, supervisors, safety quality. Breakthrough Training offers development of leadership for managers, and supervisor for manufacturing in Reno for over 30 years.


One of the main goals of the leadership program is to build stronger relationships among all of the departments operating at LUX Dynamics. Continuing to strengthen the culture is a central focus with their core values of Professionalism, Extreme Ownership, Always Do What’s Right, Kindness. LUX is committed to providing the best quality product available by investing in their people. Working together with an emphasis on delivering superior service is a primary focus of the training.


To highlight the information and concepts employees engage in several activities to practice the content. This is followed by in-depth conversations on how to specifically apply the content directly into workplace practice.


Best practices on how to improve workplace communication skills to achieve company objectives is a main discussion and practice during the 2 day managers training seminar in Reno. A review of the 4 Different Communication Styles is at the core of the training program. Ways to improve verbal, non-verbal and tonality in communication is provides insight on how to communicate better. During the training program tools to strengthen leadership skills with employees and different departments within the organization is shared in detail. 


Jeffrey Benjamin customizes each course to challenge team members and examine strengths and opportunities for growth, while appreciating the diversity of each member of the team. Therefore, the program uses a combination of group discussions and team activities that make it the ultimate interactive experience.


Breakthrough Training also provides Leadership Training for Managers, Supervisors and Key Employees monthly in Reno. You can see our calendar for trainings open to the general public: Leadership Training Reno.

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