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Leadership Training Series with Nevada Associated General Contractors

Nevada Associated General Contractors leadership program is facilitated by Breakthrough Training in Reno

Nevada Associated General Contractors graduated 24 participants from the Leadership Program facilitated by Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training during the annual Presidents Luncheon. The leadership series consisted of 32 hours of training.

The guest speaker was Chip Madera who spoke about the importance of being a leader with your organization. Graduates of the AGC Leadership Program are: Daryl Pollak, A & K Earth Movers; Amberlia Wiechers, ACE High School; Victor Albiniano, ACE High School; Brian Reeder of Associated General Contractors; Erin Young, Basalite; Curt Stevenson, Bragg Crane, Jerry Hogan, Clark & Sullivan; Gayle Valdes, Desert Research Institute; Kyle Ruff, Desert Research Institute; Danny Robinson, Gardner Engineering; Bobby Smart, Granite Construction; Jonathan Cliffe, Granite Construction; Andres Barajas, High Caliber Glass; Lylen Perks, LA Perks; Jarred Rotoli, LA Perks; John Feroah, NV Energy; Ryan Hawkins, NV Energy; TJ Neven, Q & D Construction; Carter Forsmark, Q & D Construction; Bill Pelter, Reno Iron Works; Kris Sperling, Sierra Nevada Construction; Mike Ebbert, Sierra Nevada Construction; Brett Amesbury, Sierra Nevada Construction; John Sevedge, Wedco.

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