Reno Leadership Training for employees

Nevada Leadership Training with AGC

Breakthrough kicks off the annual Associated General Contractors Leadership Series. The 4 month program with a total of 32 hours of instruction is a hands-on interactive environment were participants network and build relationships with other business professionals in the community. The training advances team communication skills, how to create a positive team environment, and how to effectively lead your self. Jeffrey Benjamin has been facilitating the annual program for 10 years. Each participant is challenged individually and as a unified team to equalize ways to strengthen critical thinking and problem solving skills to achieve both personal and professionals goals.  Breakthrough Training™ is a outsource human resources for employee training company located in Reno, Nevada.

Breakthrough Training offers leadership for managers and supervisors.

Meet the facilitator Jeff Benjamin of Breakthrough Training

Breakthrough also provides a 2 Day Leadership course in Reno available to the general public that allows companies to send key staff members for employee development.

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Upcoming Workshops Open to General Public
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