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NuLegacy Gold Public Speaking Training

public speaking training program in reno

NuLegacy Gold worked with Jeffrey Benjamin to facilitate a pubic speaking training seminar in Reno. During the program 11 employees participated in how to deliver a successful presentation while practicing a presentation among peers and receiving feedback. Participants practiced and applied the 7 Step Speech Format. Proven ways were shared by Jeffrey with an emphasis on proper speech format plus ways to improve tone and body language while presenting. Ways to improve personal confidence are also shared. Each participant delivered several presentations during the training. The presentations were also video recorded so each participant could review their performance. Jeffrey has delivered over 3,000 presentations. He founded Breakthrough Training in Reno 25 years ago. Schedule your public speaking seminar with Breakthrough Training.

NuLegacy Gold Corporation is a leading gold exploration company focusing a proven corporate and gold discovery management team on its Red Hill project – “the best gold prospect in the Cortez gold-trend of Nevada”.

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