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PK Electrical Team Building Program

team building training seminar in reno with pk electrical

PK Electrical asked Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training™ to engage them in a team building seminar workshop for a semi-annual corporate Team Alignment Conference held a the Nugget Casino Resort. Over 30 employees participated in various team building activities to test their ability to perform as a high functioning team, followed by in-depth discussions on best practices of strengthening team building in the workplace while emphasizing ways to improve communication skills with co-workers and customers. Breakthrough offers interactive seminars that engage people to do their best while inspiring them to continue to be the best.

PK Electrical, Inc. is one of the top electrical engineering companies in the Denver CO and Reno NV.

Breakthrough Training™ offers employee team building training in Reno.

Meet the facilitator Jeff Benjamin of Breakthrough Training

pk electrical jeffrey benjamin team building programs

team building for conferences in reno

team building activities in reno breakthrough training

communication styles with team members

team building activities in reno


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