Trauma Intervention Program invited Jeffrey Benjamin to facilitate a pubic speaking training seminar in Reno during their Annual National Leadership Conference held at the Reno Police Department. During the conference 22 people participated in how to deliver a successful presentation while practicing a presentation among peers and receiving feedback. A total of 8 proven ways were shared by Jeffrey with an emphasis on proper speech format that ensures successful speaking. Jeffrey has delivered over 3,000 presentations. He founded Breakthrough Training in Reno 25 years ago. Schedule your public speaking seminar with Breakthrough Training.

Trauma Intervention Program of Northern Nevada is there for you following a traumatic event. People often feel helpless, confused, and experience emotional shock. They are confronted with a situation for which they are totally unprepared. Often there is no one available in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy to guide the victims through these difficult hours. The TIP volunteer provides this necessary temporary support until persons involved in the crisis are able to depend on family, friends, neighbors, and others.