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Reno Police Department Goal Setting Seminar with Victim Services Unit

Jeffrey facilitated a goal setting training seminar for the Victims Services Unit of the Reno Police Department. 14 participants joined together to write specific goals for their personal life and professional career. Breakthrough goal setting focuses on the 5 areas of goal setting: Development Goals, Business Goals, Health Goals, Relationship Goals and Recreation Goals. During the program goals are set in each category to evoke life balance. Participants then develop an action plan and ways to stay motivated for goal achievement following the proven 8 steps to achieve goals. The interactive training program provides several tools including a workbook, goal cards, a personalized goal poster and a copy of Jeffrey’s book Real Life Habits for Success: Achieve Your Goals. Schedule your goal setting seminar with Breakthrough Training.

The Reno Police Department Victims Services Unit serves victims of crime, treating them with respect and dignity while responding to their needs and concerns. We educate victims of crime on their rights and are committed to providing the most professional, empowering advocacy possible while assessing each case on an individual basis.

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