Nevada Department of Transportation worked with Breakthrough Training™ of Breakthrough Training to provide a keynote presentation on Ways to Strengthen a Team.  NDOT held its Annual Conference with employees from all departments in the organization to share updates on past, current and future projects. Jeffrey Benjamin shared a team building activity that united employees to work toward a common goal. Improving ways to best intact with coworkers while appreciating each person’s contribution was the focus of the presentation.

NDOT transportation no longer means highways alone, but rather an integration of travel by rail, bike, air or bus. The department also oversees various allied projects from the Adopt-a-Highway program to the maintenance of State Historical Markers.

Breakthrough Training offers leadership for managers and supervisors.

Meet the facilitator Jeff Benjamin of Breakthrough Training

Breakthrough also provides a 2 Day Leadership course in Reno available to the general public that allows companies to send key staff members for employee development.

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