Team Building in Reno Nevada

Team Building Seminars in Reno Nevada

Team-building seminars in Reno are facilitated by Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training™ to increase employee engagement through team-building activities and effective communication practices. Problem-solving is an intricate part of every organization. Each department must solve problems to achieve the goals of the company.

The ability to share ideas through collaboration and execute goals is the purpose of every team.

Breakthrough incorporates an interactive training approach that engages each participant to contribute to the program. No PowerPoint, no boring lecturing, no over-used platitudes or generalities offered by most training companies. Expect a high-energy, fun event that focuses on real-life content that can be immediately applied to both career and personal advancement.

You can create a culture of personal initiative and accountability through respect while working with employees to achieve company goals. Breakthrough Training™ is a human resource for employee training company located in Reno, Nevada.

Team Building Seminars in Reno

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