Team Building Training with Yvonne Shaw Middle School Staff

Yvonne Shaw Middle School hired Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training to provide team building training for staff. The training was held prior to the start of the school year to help strengthen the team bonds with both teachers and administration and the students they serve. Several team building activities and discussion on how to build teams and foster effective communication in the workplace. The focus of the training was to appreciated and celebrate the contributions staff provides to children’s education and the community they serve both internally and externally.




Jeffrey Benjamin customizes each course to challenge team members and examine strengths and opportunities for growth while appreciating the diversity of each member of the team. The program uses a combination of group discussions and team activities that make it the ultimate interactive experience. Breakthrough Training provides leadership training in Reno.

The Breakthrough Training took place at Yvonne Shaw Middle School, 600 Eagle Canyon Dr , Sparks, NV 89441.

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