team communication training seminar with Midan Marketing

Team Communication Training with Midan Marketing

Breakthrough provided a team communication skills training seminar for Madan Marketing in North Carolina. The seminar focused on ways to enhance communication between difference departments within the company to improve project management. Emphasis was placed on how to effectively give and receive feedback from coworkers. Employees adopted personal commitments on how to improve individual communication skills as well as a commitment to strengthen team communication practices that included: appreciating the different personality styles relating to the DISC method, focusing on listening to the ideas of co-workers, building greater respect and trust and improving the debriefing process at the completion client projects.

Midan Marketing is headquartered in Chicago Illinois. Midan helps organizations to produce effective marketing, market research, and communication programs for the beef and pork industry. The organization currently has 24 employees and is committed to providing employee development training to ensure that it has a team of highly engaged staff that produce amazing results to the clients they serve.

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