Jeffrey Benjamin founded BREAKTHROUGH TRAINING™ 27 years ago and has proven track record in corporate training.

BREAKTHROUGH TRAINING™ provides employee development programs for corporations.

We deliver relevant real-world content. We put each participant through group discussions and hands-on exercises to practice the information shared for maximum results. We increase proficiency, employee morale, and most of all, your bottom line results! Our most popular programs include team building training, communication skills training, customer service training and leadership development for managers, supervisors and key employees.

2-Day Leadership Classes Available in Reno, NV – Click for Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Leadership Training Workshops:

Spectrum Sales Department Team Building

Spectrum in engaged in team building in Reno with Breakthrough Training™ to provide team activities to reinforce a positive company culture. Employees participated in the program during a annual holiday event. Ways to build and strengthen a team is the primary focus. ...

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