The Sleeping Giant


Learn lessons from the journey of 20 successful entrepreneurs about growing a business and thriving in it.

Jeffrey Benjamin shares his insights, struggles and inspiration to entrepreneurship.

Just as it seems that all the media can offer are pronouncements of doom and gloom for the world in general, and business in particular, Ken McElroy provides the work force with a truly inspiring voice of optimism in his fourth book, The Sleeping Giant. McElroy’s, contributors, twenty self-employed entrepreneurs, are well-springs of knowledge, advice, and entrepreneurial inspiration.

The “Giant” of the title refers to the burgeoning number of unemployed who are awakening to their own great possibilities and talents, and not only discovering niche markets for themselves, but in the process, creating new jobs for others. “This awakening is long overdue and is happening out of necessity,” McElroy asserts. “It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. You can thrive while others cling to an old and dying system,” he says. “The world is entering into a very exciting time.” We agree. The Sleeping Giant is an excellent guidebook for those looking for a new place in the work force or thinking of making long overdue life changes.

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