Executive Leadership Training Program

Leading People & Producing Profitable Results

This module focuses on how to execute company goals and objective by creating followership among employees. The success within an organization is the responsibility of the leadership of an executive team. In this interactive training, executives define and develop best practices to initiate, foster and grow a culture of employee engagement needed to meet and exceed the mission of an organization.

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Leadership for Executives

This module shows managers and supervisors that they can make or break a company, and helps to master the human relation skills needed in a competitive business environment. The ability to lead others is critical to productivity and profitability. 


In this highly interactive and hands-on program you will experience proven tools for effective leading, managing and supervising. The program is guaranteed to develop stronger management skills and the leadership to achieve company goals.

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Our Latest Classes:

Team Building Event with Truckee Meadows Community College

TMCC administrative faculty participated in a team building training event with Breakthrough during their Summer Synergy Summit. Participants of the program engaged in team building activities that encourage the best practices to build, maintain and strengthen any team. A portion of the event also focused on setting personal and professional goals. How to achieve those

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Chromalloy Team Building Retreat with Executive Team

Chomalloy of Nevada executives participated in a team building training retreat with Breakthrough. The program focused on strengthening the bonds of team members while improving proficiency in communication within the team. A review and in-depth discussions on the best ways for leaders to coach, mentor and give feedback to peers was practiced during the retreat.

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Minneapolis Leadership Training with Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt & Concrete of Minnesota hired Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training to facilitate leadership training for over 75 employees over a 5 day period.  A focus on team communication skills in the workplace was emphasized through various team building activities. Participants also learned about the 4 communication styles of Director, Socializer, Thinker and Relator and

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Washoe County Health Department Leadership Training

Washoe County Health Department hired Breakthrough Training to provide workforce development to over 150 employees on how to be a better leader both at work and home. During the program participants discussed and practiced ways to improve communication skills with co-workers and the community that they serve. Understanding the 4 different communication styles and how

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Leadership Training Reno 2 Day Seminar

The 2 Day Breakthrough Leadership skills seminar in Reno led by Jeffrey Benjamin attended by Managers, Supervisor and Key Employees focused on how to be a better leader in the workplace applying effective communication and team building skills. How to communicate effectively with people who have different communication styles. In-depth discussion on how to connect with other

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Leadership Training Reno 2 Day Seminar

The 2 Day Breakthrough Leadership skills training in Reno led by Jeffrey Benjamin focused on how to be a better leader in the workplace applying effective communication and team building skills. How to communicate effectively with people who have different communication styles. In-depth discussion on how to connect with other people to achieve common goals, and how

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Jeffrey led our office in an Executive Management Leadership Seminar. it was insightful, pointed and direct, all while being fun. We we're challenged to step out of our comfort zones and work together as a team. I would recommend Jeffrey to any company wanting to improve their leadership and communication.

Cara Corrigan
Administration & Operations Manager / Minerva Management

I recently attended Jeffrey Benjamin's Breakthrough Training. I have attended several leadership trainings over the years, and Jeffrey's two-day workshop stands out as among the best I've personally experienced. We were a mixed group of individuals who had never met before. We were required to self-organize in small groups to accomplish tasks that were challenging and unfamiliar. Participation was required from all individuals, which elucidated the different types of personalities and how we each find our place within an organization. I plan to send other members of my office staff to the workshops. Highly recommended!

Dallas Smith
Executive Producer / Healing Healthcare Systems

We were growing rapidly, with multiple locations. We were in need of some official team training. We wanted to dial in our communications, leadership and overall cohesiveness as a corporation. I was referred to use Jeffrey Benjamin from Breakthrough Training. After a very successful training held in Reno. We invited Jeff and his team to Oakland, where they performed flawlessly again. A huge thank you from the team here at ERG Aerospace.

Alex Toler
Production Manager / ERG Aerospace

Jeff’s training was fantastic for all levels of Leaders. If you want to be a great manager/leader and you want to know more about your leadership style, this course is a must. His courses are designed to be very interactive and action packed! The team here at USAC had a great time, we had much needed team discussions, and we all left the 2-day training having FUN!

Jamie Handy-DePaepe
Human Resource Manager / University Studies Abroad Consortium

I just finished a great training program lead by Jeffrey. It was an amazing two days. Each aspect was engaging and meaningful, with take-aways that I am able to utilize every day. It was definitely time well spent. Thank you Jeffrey for providing awesome program! I look forward to putting the skills to work!

Raechelle Bogdon
Controller / McEwen Minig

I've attended several of Jeff's Breakthrough Training courses and it's some of the best training and development I've experienced in my whole career. The training was timely and relevant for my position and the construction industry. His courses take you outside your comfort zone in terms of personal growth and relationship building. What I think I appreciated the most was Jeff's personal connection with each member of the course. For me and the countless others in my company that have had the privilege of taking a course from Jeff, I can assure you we are all better businessmen/business women and individuals!

Chris Burke
Vice President / Intermountain Slurry Seal

Having participated in 3 of Jeffrey's trainings over the last several years I can say that each time they have had an impact for me. I always learn more about myself as well as the team I work with. Working for Microsoft we have the opportunity to attend many trainings. The real value of a training is when you walk away after spending the day together with your team; and you know your perspective has changed in how you look at your job, your team and your personal life. Jeffrey's trainings have all had that impact for me.

Adam Schad
Controller / Microsoft

Once again, Jeff delivered an energetic and dynamic training session to our management team! Several employees noted that this was the best training they had ever received. We intend to partner on a consistent basis with Breakthrough Training for our diverse training needs throughout our unit.

Cindy Saunders
HR Business Partner / Chromalloy

This is the third time our organization has brought Jeff in for training. Every experience is unique and our staff is entertained and engaged by his workshops. We learn valuable communication techniques that we can apply at work and in our personal lives as well. A+

Bonnie Bensen
CFO / Fortune Schools

We've worked with Breakthrough for over 10 years to provide team building for our staff and as annual leadership program for the Reno business community.

Len Stevens
President / Junior Achievement

We developed positive relationships and how to communicate with one another and to create a spirit of collaboration. Through his exercises I really believe we are closer as a team. I highly recommend Breakthrough!

Lisa Strong
HR Director / Fortune Schools

We all enjoyed the interactive team building exercises that were a lot of fun! Great program for any company interested in fostering teamwork, positive communication and much, much more to achieve organizational goals!

Vivian Ruiz
Executive Director / Disability Resources

I have known Jeffrey for 5 years and participated in the Breakthrough Training ropes course. His insight and ability to motivate is phenomenal. I highly recommend Jeff' for individuals or companies looking for someone extraordinary to inspire and hold you accountable.

Darik Volpa
CEO / Understand

Jeffrey distinguishes himself with the ability to energize a group of people. Jeffrey's leadership training programs are an asset to any organization or group. He is attentive to detail and has a remarkable way of creating fun at the same.

Buzz Harris
President / WBH Enterprises

In the first hour of leadership training it was obvious to me that Jeffrey has been doing this for a long time. He is very comfortable leading a group and knows how to handle any situation that might arise. I highly recommend Breakthrough Training for not only a leader of a company but to all the employees of a company.

Dave Sinclaire
CEO / CEI Alarm
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