Goal Setting Training

A System for Self Motivation


A System for Self Motivation

Breakthrough’s incredible Goal Setting Training Program provides participants with the training necessary skills to integrate and implement strategies to improve every aspect of life, personally and professionally. The program focus is on setting goals and provides a proven system for manifesting desired outcomes by providing the latest tools to maintain personal motivation and perseverance.

The core of the program is developing a step by step personal action plan to measure goal performance and stay on track. Proven time management techniques are shared to maximize  your time for work life balance.

Module Expectations:

  • Integrate the 5 areas of life to achieve a state of balance.
  • Create beliefs that support your goals and empower you.
  • Utilize powerful self-talk and imaging techniques to achieve transformation.
  • Set benchmarks to quantify goal performance.
  • Overcome and breakthrough fears that are holding you back.
  • Practice the 8 Steps to goal achievement.
  • Motivate yourself to take immediate and consistent action.
  • Develop a personal action plan to achieve your goals.

Program Availability:

Available as a Half-day or Full-day Training Program

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Goal Setting Workbook

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What Breakthrough Graduates Are Saying:

I loved the Breakthrough Training! Thank you Jeff for getting me out of my shell and helping me find the skills I need to develop as a leader. If you have a chance to take this training, do it!

Jose Torres Jasso
Admissions Supervisor / Truckee Meadows Community College

The interactive challenges were definitely an eye opener for communication and leadership styles. It really helped me realize and work on approaching each style the most effective way to achieve goals.

Ashlee Edgar
Warehouse Supervisor / Small Mine Development

What a fantastic hands on training. Jefferey does a great job engaging the entire group and relating it to real life situations. I would highly recommend his services to anyone or any size organization. The group involvement makes the classes fun and enjoyable.

Robert Sperry
Manager / Eagle IBS

Jeff has changed the way I run my business. I'm not only more confident in my communication skills, my ability to manage my team, to network effectively, but also how to strategically plan for the growth of my business. Breakthrough Training is an asset to our community and I offer my highest recommendation for Jeff's programs.

Alysia Peters
Owner / We Olive & Wine

It gave me the tools to address leadership, strategic planning, and establishing goals in both my personal and work life. If you invest your time with Jeff, he will teach you how to invest in yourself.

Traci Hurrle
Manager / Spine Nevada

This was not one of those death by power point trainings! The leadership training kept me 100% engaged, never got bored! I learned so much about my communication style and others, also the best ways to excite my team. Every company should look into this training for their team!

Samantha Slavik
Team Member / Hamilton

The take away for me was setting personal goals. In filling out the cards and the poster it made it more real. It is not just something you are thinking about but is something you have written which helps to embed your goals into your mind.

Gideon Davis
Purchasing Officer / State of Nevada

I loved the goal setting process because it allows your goals to be out in the open and it was interesting to see how everyones are different whether they were about family, health, business or financial.

Kim Mitchell

I really like the steps in the goal setting process, and how we wrote it out so we have something to reference. With practice and time I know I can achieve my goals.

Brandy Scarnati

I am very impressed. Going through the program I realized there was a lot of things I didn't know. I learned a lot about myself. Thank you!

Manny Avila
Loan Officer / Summit Funding

Great program. I love's Jeff's energy and the way he had all of us acting on his points. Wonderful program. Really enjoyed the motivation.

Laynette Evans

It was very beneficial to write down my goals on paper. It helped me to organize what I needed to do to accomplish my goals.

Kris Sperling
HR / Sierra Nevada Construction

It gave me confidence by putting a positive spin on my goals, my ambitions and my fears to achieve my goals. This has been a great class and I highly recommend it.

Joan Indiano
Office Manager / Basalite

The goal program allowed me to look at my personal and work life that I can take action on now. It was very beneficial to think about all areas of life.

Ashley Stone
Events Coordinator / Nevada Associated General Contractors

I like the structure and organization of the program. The goal setting training was relevant as an entrepreneur to create sustainability in business. The principles covered are the key to success. Thank you!

Danny Heinsohn
Founder / My Hometown Heroes

It helped me to define what goals I want to achieve right now.Writing goals down is the first step to help you stay motivated to achieve them.

Brian Reeder
Associate / Ferrari Public Affairs

I was really happy to learn about how to achieve goals. Having a guideline to get you there was extremely helpful. I now have it as part of my tool kit. It was great for me.

Jen Jocim
HR Generalist / Reliable Management Systems

It has been a huge help to me. I like all the goal setting materials to help me get organized. The program covers things we do, or don't think about, or things we forget to do.

Lael Eckman
Program Coordinator / CSA

I really enjoyed the process of writing my goals. I had vague goals before, so I came up with definable ways to achieve my goals through measurable steps to accomplish them. I found out what I needed to do and how to go about doing it.

Todd Upton
Technician / Sierra Air

We've used Breakthrough for 10 years in my real estate company with our top agents, managers and our staff with an emphasis on team building. He has provided customer service at our Sales Rally's. We love his message and his energy.

Darrell Plummer
President / Sierra Nevada Properties

I was never a good goal setter. This class has taught me to set goals by writing them down, and more importantly, how to achieve my goals.

Ryan Hawkins
Utility Coordinator / NV Energy

Jeffrey and his staff put on a powerful and inspiring Conference on Goal Setting. My business is sales and sales training so it was a perfect fit. Sharpened my game and gave me a mass of useful material that was effectively put into practice.

Susan Anderson
District Director / Jafra Cosmetics

Jeffrey is dedicated to helping people get what they want, now. He is committed to achieving results at a level of excellence. His program enabled me to confront fear head-on, allowing me to move forward.

Peter Fowler
Professional Writer / Fowler Enterprises

The presentation was awesome. High energy! Lots of great examples of how to put your goals into place.

Nyleen Smith
HR Manager / University of Nevada, Reno

Breakthrough Training is an opportunity of a lifetime. It shows you not only how to motivate yourself, but also how to accomplish what you want to do.

Carlos Romo
Administrator / AARP

Having been through his workshops and exposed to his program, I highly recommend Jeffrey to help you or your organization on the path to high achievement.

Sean McCaffrey
Partner / Entropy Wine Group

Jeffrey is a great trainer and motivator. He forces you to seriously think about what it is you want to acheive and then makes you accountable to acheive your goals. I highly recommend Jeffrey to help you get to where you want to be.

Bonnie Betts

I was hesitant to really open my mind and let him in to share his wisdom. I was wrong!!! I felt Jeffrey knew exactly what I was feeling and how I was feeling. He gave me some tools to help me think differently about myself and the direction I was heading. Using his self imaging technique and really breaking down my goals for myself helped me see a different future. If you are thinking of using Jeffrey, I high recommend you do.

Tom Taylor
Co-Owner / Taylor Medical Billing

Jeffrey is very energetic, gets the job done. He is the person you can rely on and seems to know what must be achieved!

Maury Centeno
Branch Manager / US Bank

Mr. Benjamin inspires clients to achieve their best because he consistently creates positive learning environments. Jeffrey’s advice, and his encouragement, played a significant role in helping me see how I could finish my Ph.D. I did complete it, and I have enjoyed a career in higher education.

John Eliason
Director of Composition / Gonzaga University

I came away from his course with new perspectives on my business, and a stronger focus on setting and achieving goals.

Jack Vonich
Regional Sales Manager / Server Technology

Jeffery Benjamin is an excellent motivational speaker. I have attended several goal setting seminars that Jeffrey and his company, Breakthrough Training, conducted. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in personal development!

Terrie Leighton
Realtor / Ferrari Lund Real Estate