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Impactful Presentations Without the Boring Powerpoint


Impactful Presentations Without the Boring Powerpoint.

Jeffrey Benjamin founded Breakthrough Training™ at the age of 23. He has delivered more than 3,000 presentations to audiences from Europe, Asia, North America, South America and the Middle East. He is the author of the books series Real Life Habits for Success®.

Jeffrey’s programs are based on interaction and participation from the audience that ensures the high energy and full engagement needed to make every event a huge success.

Jeffrey does not use slide shows or PowerPoint during his conference speaking presentations. Meeting planners and audience participants can expect a presentation offering solid real-life content delivered in an exciting and entertaining way.



Our personal habits determine our destiny. Habits are at the center of all human achievement and all human destruction. During this content-driven, fun and highly interactive program, you will discover and practice the 7 Real Life Habits for Success that productive people employ to create lasting, life-long success.


  • Employ habits that less than 5 percent of the population put into practice.
  • Connect with people to produce better results.
  • Overcome and break through fears that are holding you back.
  • Motivate yourself to take action.
  • Define core values that direct your thoughts and actions.
  • Commit & immediately practice a habit for success.
  • Be more accountable, responsible and committed to your success.
  • Adopt habits that help you live a more optimistic outlook.
  • Break free of negative patterns and establish constructive habits.

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What Breakthrough Graduates Are Saying:

Jeff is one of the best motivational speakers in the business and his Breakthrough Training program can and will push you to be the best in any field of business. I highly recommend him and his team.

Perry Faigin
Branch Manager / Bank of America

Jeffrey is extremely creative guy who teaches valuable lessons through exciting and fun methods. Highly recommended!

Mark Laska
Ph.D / Great Ecology

I attended the Steps to Success Training with Jeffrey. I thought it was very refreshing and energizing. I have learned a lot and it was fun.

Nada Alawi
Founder / Annada

I got to experience Jeffrey's exciting training program at the Global Leadership Conference for the Entrepreneur’s Organization and it was a tremendous experience. It was more than a learning event it It was fun, competitive, exciting, challenging, and beneficial. The learning format allows you to "Get It" because you learn as you play and play as you learn for better context and retention. This is team building and growth at its best!

Greg D'Amico
Owner / Efficience

He is creative, has lots of energy and I always walk away with helpful advice that is actionable.

Cami Kaiser
General Manager / Arizona Republic

Jeffrey Benjamin knows how to light the fire in an event. He’s an inspirational, thought-provoking motivational speaker. Whether he’s speaking to a small group or to a crowded auditorium, Jeffrey is a dynamic keynote speaker that understands his audience and knows how to reach them.

Ann Louhela
Special Events Coordinator / City of Sparks

I have seen Jeffrey speak to large groups where he was speaking on goal setting and as a motivational speaker. It was amazing how he was able to captivate his audience for 3 hours and create amazing energy that people exhibited all the way to their cars after the gathering.

Jim Kaplan
President / Loan Servicing North America

Jeffrey is a top notch motivational speaker and trainer. He has done several speaking engagements and leadership training programs for our membership. He always gets the highest ratings, that's why we keep hiring him! Jeffrey will help make your event a huge success. Hire him. You'll be glad you did!

Len Stevens
Executive Director / The Chamber

I would highly recommend any company or organization to hire Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training. My experience with his seminar at EO Las Vegas was highly engaging, interactive, and fun resulting in effective lessons learned and powerful take away value.

Lubuw Falanruw
CEO / Hawaii Visitor Television

I’ve been through 3 or 4 of Jeffrey Benjamin's powerful presentations. He is always engaging, upbeat, positive, and has a great message. If you want a fun upbeat presentation you can count on Jeffrey.

Sue Henderson
Human Resources / Click Bond

Jeffrey Benjamin rocks any business audience! He brings a high energy and solidly positive attitude wherever he presents. Jeffrey is always well prepared, and keeps current on business research on issues that affect the way people do business. If you’re looking for motivation, leadership, effective communication, or other training on critical business practices, give Jeffrey a holler – he’s worth it!

Kathy Carrico
Training Director / University of Nevada Reno

He is consistently on time, responsive to inquiries inside of and outside of the class and he is very supportive of his students. He is knowledgeable and and professional, he takes a lot of joy in what he does.

Amanda Oursler
Owner / Oursler Strategies

I have recommended him to several colleagues who needed an instructor who could deliver a strong message and keep the professionals in the course fired up and excited.

Jim McClenahan
Director Management and Executive Programs / University of Nevada Reno