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Sales Training Program

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Program Overview

Increase Your Sales Now

This results-driven interactive program provides participants with the practical ideas and solutions for creating and maintaining an increase in sales. The program focuses on applying and tailoring a system that produces an increase in personal and company sales.

Program Description
Module Expectations:
  • Understand the professional sales cycle to your advantage.
  • Develop a 30 second commercial to describe your product or service.
  • Create a massive credibility to instill customer confidence.
  • Practice and improve your sales communications skills.
  • Demonstrate your ability to close a sale.
  • Apply and use tools for self-motivation.
  • Develop a personal sales system to increase sales.
Materials Included
Sales Workbook Box Shot
Achieve Your Goals - Real Life Habits for Success® by Jeffrey Benjamin
Breakthrough Pen
Program Availability
This program is open to private groups with 10 participants or more for a half-day, full-day, or multiple days. For individuals, or groups with 9 or less participants, check out our Public Team Building Workshops or Leadership Programs open to the public.
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Video Gallery
Reno Team Building with Associated General Contractors Nevada Chapter facilitated by Breakthrough Training
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You can also watch our videos on If your company blocks videos from your computer, check out our videos on your smartphone, tablet, or home computer.

What Participants Say
It showed me that being an effective leaders is about building your team. Goal setting, the process of achievement, and communication styles are all designed to build your team.
Robert McLaughlin
Director of Placement / Career College of Northern Nevada
It has given me the skills to work with the different personalities in the office. Jeff Benjamin is a knowledgeable person and he pushes you to your limits to grow as a person and a leader.
Michael Mellberg
Tax Accountant Manager / Larry Bigler, CPA
His passion for people shows in each meeting. His high energy as well as focused strategies really motivate people to greater heights.
Andy Stewart
District Manager / Guild Mortgage
I started implementing what I learned at Breakthrough at work. One of the first things I have done is started communicating better with co-workers and immediately our relationships are getter better and jobs are coming through faster, and everything is going smoother.
Jared Rotoli
LA Perks Plumbing / Project Manager
I am very impressed. Going through the program I realized there was a lot of things I didn't know. I learned a lot about myself. Thank you!
Manny Avila
Manager / Wells Fargo
effrey provides great training and consulting. He is especially great at taking your specific work place issues and customizing a training that addresses it no matter what size your department is. He is also flexible and creative and will find a solution to meet your needs.
Angela Covington
Manager / TriNet Total Human Resources
This is the best program I have ever attended. The important thing I took from the program is the communication styles and public speaking. By knowing the different styles it allows me to connect better with my audience.
Breeze Yerves
Sales Manager / Grand Sierra Resort
This has come at a great time in my career when I am trying to work through some employee engagement issues and have instituted a lot of things we have learned and it has really been working.
Jonathan Cliffe
Plant Engineer / Granite Construction
I can say that without a doubt working with Jeff has changed the way I run my business. I'm not only more confident in my communication skills, my ability to manage my team, to network effectively, but also how to strategically plan for the growth of my business. I offer my highest recommendations for Jeff's programs.
Alysia Peters
Owner / We Olive & Wine Bar
I don't think anyone can touch Jeffrey's passion in developing others. Going through his leadership training just once, was such a benefit to my personal life, professional life and overall attitude on how I process my successes and failures. He has an encouraging energy and a passion that is intoxicating and makes his program a must for anybody that wants to either take their leadership to the next level or discover the leader within!
Daryl Pollak
Project Manager / A & K Earth Movers
I partnered with Jeffrey for our entire Regional Management Team. Jeffrey and his team where spot-on on their delivery of the focused content developed specifically for our needs.
Jeff VanDusseldorp
General Manager / Coast Installations
The leadership course is excellent for anybody. You will learn great leadership skills such as team building, goal setting, and how to communicate with others. I plan on continuing to use these in my job and future endeavors.
Mike Ebbert
Project Manager / Sierra Nevada Construction
The greatest tool I take away from the leadership course is to treat others the way they want to be treated. Once you learn how to communicate with people as a leader it will greatly increase your effectiveness.
Paul Shogren
Project Manager / Granite Construction
It helped me to understand what motivates and what can be potentially un-motivating. As a leader this is important to understand so that I can develop and foster a cohesive and productive team.
Amanda La Toree
Fitness Dirctor / Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center
The leadership training program I participated in was very beneficial. The team building activities and opportunities to be pushed out of your comfort zone help to build your leadership competencies. I highly recommend!
Callie Caddell
Supervisor Organizational Development / Renown Health
Jeff is very knowledgeable and a hands-on motivator. He’ll get your employees heading in the right direction.
Gus Valen
CEO / The Valen Group
I have recommended him to several colleagues who needed an instructor who could deliver a strong message and keep the professionals in the course fired up and excited.
Jim McClenahan
Director Management and Executive Programs / University of Nevada Reno
The most beneficial lesson I learned is the differences in how people communicate, added with the way I communicate. And, that gives me a better way to get along with people which makes me a better husband, a better father, and a better person in the community.
Greg Meehan
Project Manager / Q & D Construction
Jeffrey recently lead our Management Team through a business development course on teamwork, leadership, and communication. The feedback from my Management Team was extremely positive and will most definitely help strengthen our team dynamic.
Bill Brandt
Director of Customer Service / Henry Schein
I’ve utilized Jeff in different enterprises to help develop high performance teams responsible for growing business. In each instance, Jeff did a great job tailoring a program to the team dynamics and the overall objectives of both the organization and the participants. At the end of each program, our teams came away with a stronger bond, a better understanding of their colleagues and an overall stronger desire to work as a team.
Graham Leonard
VP of Sales / POLARGY
First Centennial Title Company has had the pleasure of experiencing Breakthrough Training on several occasions. I can count on Jeff Benjamin to deliver maximum impact on "Team Building and Goal Setting" whether it be for our local employees or top producers from around the country!
Rose Echevarria
Regional Sales Manager / First Centennial Title Company
We used Jeffrey and his team for a departmental retreat with great results. Everyone had a terrific time, bonded more thoroughly as a team and walked away with a better appreciation of our individual similarities as well as how we might be able to better leverage our individual differences.
Lisa Cvecko
Corporate Controller / TriNet Human Resources
We had our 2nd training with Breakthrough Training. It was fabulous and I am really excited for the 60 people here today learning about customer service skills and the importance of communication and listening.
Mallory Haug
Accounting Manager / Fortune Schools
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