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Public Speaking Course

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Program Overview

Speak with Confidence

Effective speaking is a skill. Breakthrough Public Speaking Course provides the structure for creating and delivering powerful presentations that produce the actions and results you desire from your audience. The program focus is coaching you to command the attention and interest of an audience by practicing all the essential elements of successful public speaking.

Module Expectations:
  • Overcome fear and anxiety associated with public speaking.
  • Utilize a simple formula to organize any presentation.
  • Understand how to target the needs of your audience.
  • Improve speaking presence and confidence.
  • Create a positive connection with your audience.
  • Get your audience to take action.
  • Receive feedback on how to improve your communication skills.
  • Create and deliver a presentation to an audience.
Materials Included
Public Speaking Workbook - Breakthrough Training
Improve Your Public Speaking Audiobook - Real Life Habits for Success® by Jeffrey Benjamin
Breakthrough Pen
Program Availability
This program is open to private groups with 10 participants or more for a half-day, full-day, or multiple days. For individuals, or groups with 9 or less participants, check out our Public Team Building Workshops or Leadership Programs open to the public.
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You can also watch our videos on If your company blocks videos from your computer, check out our videos on your smartphone, tablet, or home computer.

What Participants Say
Jeffrey Benjamin facilitates the best teaching tool for learning, understanding and moving into everyday practice of communication skills that are the key to success. I have found the class fun, challenging and exciting. If you have a chance to engage Jeffrey, you would do yourself and your company well for it.
Cory Henderson
General Manager / Mann Mortgage
Jeffrey Benjamin knows how to light the fire in an event. He’s an inspirational, thought-provoking motivational speaker. Whether he’s speaking to a small group or to a crowded auditorium, Jeffrey is a dynamic keynote speaker that understands his audience and knows how to reach them.
Ann Louhela
Special Events Coordinator / City of Sparks
Jeffrey is a very forceful speaker and focused. His articulations have helped me understand the essence of communicating with greater conviction. Although it was a limited interaction at the EO GLC in Dubai, I was thoroughly impressed with his presentation skills - its value in today's corporate world.
Joydeep Roy
Chief Strategist / Pathway Consulting
Jeffrey is a high energy person that is articulate, motivated and takes action to create success. During our radio interview, he was able to grasp the key benefits of my book for his audience and understand how his interviews encourage other business entrepreneurs to reach for the stars!
Marie Gibson
Business Consultant / Marie Gibson Management Consulting
You will learn better public speaking and presentation skills and be given the building blocks to your own leadership abilities and communication style while in a supportive, self-paced, fun atmosphere.
Michelle Buck
Loan Servicing Officer / Nevada State Development Corporation
Jeff is amazing at supporting you but also pushing you out of your comfort zone. His leadership training course prepares you to handle uncomfortable or difficult situations in life as well as improving your communication skills in public speaking.
Michelle Grable
Keno Manager / Sands Cansino
Jeffrey is a strong leader with uncompromising commitment to the pursuit of excellence. A superb teacher, communicator, public speaker, and facilitator. One of the best trainers I have ever worked with. Do not pass up a opportunity to work with Jeffrey or his staff at Breakthrough training. He exceeded all my expectations.
Jesse Cook
Webmaster / Colliers International
Through leadership, communication and public speaking training, his ability to inspire and motivate others is incredible and very inspirational. During the time I worked with Jeffrey, he has given me new skills and tools that has and will continue to help me tremendously in my career.
Michelle Decker
Michelle Decker / Kaiser Permanente
Jeffrey is consistently optimistic and success-focused. No whining! He focuses on how to serve his clients. He sweats the details. When he recorded me, he had to get all the technical settings juuuust right, but then the final product showed his attention to detail.
Michelle Nichols
Founder / Hug Your Kids Today
The most important thing I have gained is knowing the different communication styles when speaking which helps me connect with my audience.
Breeze Trebelhorn
Sales Manager / Circus Circus
The communication styles has been a real eye opener in the way people relate to one another in your personal and professional life. I was a great experience for me.
Ashley Taylor
Financial Advisor / New Yok Life
The interaction with like minded professionals from multiple industries allowed me to expand my communication skills, listening and interpersonal communication skills. Jeffrey is a great instructor, and I would highly recommend his Breakthrough Training.
Kathy Codman
Director of Support Services, / Northern Nevada Medical Center
Jeffrey Benjamin rocks any business audience! He brings a high energy and solidly positive attitude wherever he presents. Jeffrey is always well prepared, and keeps current on business research on issues that affect the way people do business. If you’re looking for motivation, leadership, effective communication, or other training on critical business practices, give Jeffrey a holler – he’s worth it!
Kathy Carrico
Training Director / University of Nevada Reno
Jeff brings great energy combined with a wealth of knowledge to the table for his trainings. He provides simple steps to make your work so much more refined and professional. Even if you fancy yourself an expert at public speaking, Jeff gives you a fresh perspective and pinpoints areas where you can improve. Take your presentations from good to great
Gabrielle Totton
Director / Trauma Intervention Program
Communication is the most important thing to improve to be a leader. We need to be able to listen to each other. And, how to speak to each other.
Michael Schweitzer
Manager / Sierra Air
Jeffrey is an outstanding sales trainer and coach. His passion for people shows in each meeting. His high energy as well as focused strategies really motivate people to greater heights. Thanks Jeff for what you do!
Andy Stewart
Nevada District Manager / Guild Mortgage Company
Let's Get Started:
Call 1 (866) 315-8326 or Send Us an Email to book your next training!